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Wireless Video Transmitter for Elevator CCTV (Air@-EL300) [Qccess Co., Ltd.]

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  • Standards/CertificateCE(Air@-EL300 TX), CE(Air@-EL300 TX)
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Wireless Video Transmitter for Elevator CCTV (Air-EL300) [Qccess Co., Ltd.]




Air-EL300 is the world first wireless Laser optical video transmission system especially designed for high-rise building elevator CCTV applications to solve costly cabling and installation problems in the elevator shaft.

Rising of huge installation and cabling problems in the elevator shaft, CCTV security system uses existing cables, it will affect the safety operation of elevator. In addition, unnecessary and additional maintenance and inspection costs occur.

Air-EL300 improves long term quality and safety by avoiding the use of coaxial cabling to run video signals in the elevator shaft. It also greatly reduces installation and maintenance costs.

Air-EL300 transmits DVD quality video using an optical laser. With a much longer lifespan than traditional 'moving coaxial cable' video transmission systems, the elevator operation, security and safety are also increased.

Air-EL300 provides an attractive wireless solution with easy installation and low cost, replacing the coaxial cables and the others in the elevator shaft.


Air-EL300 has a lot of advantages and benefits as compared with coaxial cables and point-to-point RF/Microwaves.

• Thousands of successful installations
• Cost-effective System(No cable related costs)
• Save high installation costs (Same cost regardless of number of floors)
• Maintenance Free system(No more cabling problems)
• No influence on Power Cabel and Traveling Cable
• High quality(
quality, D1) video transmission
• High Reliability
• Max up to
Operational Distance
• Real time Transmission and no Latency
• Semi-permanent life span (Long-lasting Product)
• Quick and easy installation
• Complete substitution
• Compatibility with all existing CCTV and peripherals
• Not subject to RF interference & no intercept
• No need for frequency license and fee
• Free from restrictions under laws


Over 8 years, thousands of Air-EL300 units have been installed for elevators in high rise corporate buildings and apartments in Korea. Recently, iconic buildings in the world have adopted Air-EL300s in their elevator CCTVs, and major Korean elevator companies have installed the products, too.

Iconic Buildings in the World
• Wynn Las Vegas Casino
(50 floors)
, US
• New York Housing Authority
(30 floors)
, US
• RCBC Plaza in the Philippines
(46 floors)
, Philippines
• Peninsular Hong Kong
(30 floors)
, Hong Kong
• ITV London Headquarters
(20 floors)
, UK
• Shangri-La Hotel Sydney
(36 floors)
, Australia
• Address Hotel
(61 floors)
, U.A.E

High rise corporate Buildings in Korea
• Samsung Life Insurance Seocho Headquarters Building (41 floors)

• Samsung Group Namdaemoon Headquarter Building
• LG Display dormitory Building in Gumi City
• LG Display Building in Gumi City
• Korea Investment & Securities Building
• YTN Tower
(26 floors)
• POSCO Building
• Dong Kuk Steel Group Building
• World Trade Center Seoul
(57 floors)
• Many small Company Groups’ Headquarter Buildings


One set : Transmitter, Receiver, 2 Adapters and a Bracket

The Dimensions of a Transmitter(Receiver) :
Height : 143mm (5.6inches)
Depth : 140mm (5.5inches)
Width : 140mm (5.5inches)
Weight : Transmitter 435g (0.96lb) Receiver 435g (0.96lb)

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